Saturday, July 21, 2007

2nd Day of the Techroom

Yay! There is a free breakfast on the 23rd floor but its kinda hard to hear/find out about. Once again another day in te techroom. Only today I have been helping people use the computers and blog. OMG lun ch was sooo fun! We saw a preformance by The Red Nosed Clowns (ok I don't know their actual name) and we got cards that looked like room keys the advertised LLL and 2 of them had red dots and the people who got the red dots won $25 at the LLL bookstore. Oh yeah and after the preformance which was pretty funny we all got clown noses. I gotta run.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Tech Room

I spent all day in the tech room playing with the kids in the tech room play area. That was fun. =) So after a few hours of chipmunk impressions (ok that was me) and playing blues clues on a computer, some of the kids and I went to the playroom. Well oddly it seems like even people my age would enjoy it. Well the playroom was fun with the kids but if you went there by yourself it's pretty baby-ish. The tech room kids are so cute!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tomorrow, Tomorrow,

I ate a muffin and bagel for breakfast.....ok that is sooo not interesting in any way what so ever.

Well I went down to the hotel cafe and talked with Karen's mother Fran and her kids Anastasia and Liam. And then we wet to the field museum. It was really fun! We took the bus and then we got there and waited in an uber long line. But after we got our stamps and every thing we looked at the Dino named Sue. Apparently she was discovered in 1990 and according to the museum it is the world's best and most well preserved Dino, but I think they're bragging.

Then we saw the Ancient Americas exhibit. It was really cool and there was a pueblo house you can go in, and lots of movies, and in one of the rooms a like video type thing of the Ice Age on the walls. It is kinda scary when there is a a wooly mammoth.

OMG when you're looking at one of the exhibits about Indians its says something like "blah, blah, blah people still join groups to make friends" and then there's a display with a bunch of buttons for organizations and, guess what, La Leche League has a button in there!!!!!

And last night I saw Wicked it is the best play ever!!!! I got a I <3 OZ tee.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Yay! Today is the first day of the Global Strategic Positioning Seminar and Physician's Seminar! My mom and I got here around 10 AM. We attended a few sessions and my mom gave a small talk. Since my mom is going to both the Global Strategic Positioning Seminar and the Physician's Seminar I'm using one of her name tags! The kids get these little bracelets that you like get a waterparks and stuff mine is green. =) We ate at a Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut combo resturant for lunch. I got a few postcards to send to my friends back home. Oh yeah and this evening my uncle and aunt are taking me to see Wicked I am sooooooo excited!!!! Yay! Later today or earlier tomorrow I'll probably walk around near the hotel and take some pictures. There is this really neat park with two pillers that are like water fountains and my uncle says that at night faces are projected onto it so I'm hoping to go and see that. There is also a fountain that lights up and a skateboard park at the park and the lake is right next to it. When my brother and dad come next sunday my brother will probably skateboard there he is pretty good at skateboarding and he is only 7 years old. =0 Well that's all for now!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

No Buttons :( (for sure)

I never got the buttons for the conference. I feel so disappointed. Gah evil buttons. *whacks head against wall* And my brother is sick in our hotel room in Madison WI.

At least I got to see some old friends yesterday. And I went swimming twice once with my friend Cassidy and the other time in the hotel pool. And my friend Cassidy and I went to the tennis courts and we walked down the bike path. Oh yeah and we found a red dog tennis ball and played with a random dog we met named Toby.

And we also saw some old friends a minute ago in our hotel lobby. Their daughter was like 3 or 4 when I moved to Texas but now she is sooooo big! Its kinda scary. My mom and I are going to drive to Harvard IL with my dad and brother and then my mom and I are going to take the train and the metra to Chicago. And then we're gonna stay with my uncle and aunt until we get our hotel room tomorrow.

Friday, July 13, 2007

No Buttons :(

The buttons for the help form volunteers didn't arrive today. I'm so worried that we won't get them. We're leaving tomorrow. I really doubt we'll get them.

At least I'm almost done with the Mixed CDs I'm making for our trip. Its really fun to draw pictures on them with sharpies. My mom bought some karaoke songs off of yahoo music, so we can sing with them in the car.

Monday, July 9, 2007


OMG, I can't belive how close it is to the conference! My family is leaving on Saturday. I'm going to make a list of the things I need as soon as I'm done blogging. Well I finished my play Godspell it was soooo much fun I'm really sad its over. But now I'm rwally looking forward to the conference. We found out who our roomates are today so yay!