Tuesday, July 17, 2007

No Buttons :( (for sure)

I never got the buttons for the conference. I feel so disappointed. Gah evil buttons. *whacks head against wall* And my brother is sick in our hotel room in Madison WI.

At least I got to see some old friends yesterday. And I went swimming twice once with my friend Cassidy and the other time in the hotel pool. And my friend Cassidy and I went to the tennis courts and we walked down the bike path. Oh yeah and we found a red dog tennis ball and played with a random dog we met named Toby.

And we also saw some old friends a minute ago in our hotel lobby. Their daughter was like 3 or 4 when I moved to Texas but now she is sooooo big! Its kinda scary. My mom and I are going to drive to Harvard IL with my dad and brother and then my mom and I are going to take the train and the metra to Chicago. And then we're gonna stay with my uncle and aunt until we get our hotel room tomorrow.

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