Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tomorrow, Tomorrow,

I ate a muffin and bagel for breakfast.....ok that is sooo not interesting in any way what so ever.

Well I went down to the hotel cafe and talked with Karen's mother Fran and her kids Anastasia and Liam. And then we wet to the field museum. It was really fun! We took the bus and then we got there and waited in an uber long line. But after we got our stamps and every thing we looked at the Dino named Sue. Apparently she was discovered in 1990 and according to the museum it is the world's best and most well preserved Dino, but I think they're bragging.

Then we saw the Ancient Americas exhibit. It was really cool and there was a pueblo house you can go in, and lots of movies, and in one of the rooms a like video type thing of the Ice Age on the walls. It is kinda scary when there is a a wooly mammoth.

OMG when you're looking at one of the exhibits about Indians its says something like "blah, blah, blah people still join groups to make friends" and then there's a display with a bunch of buttons for organizations and, guess what, La Leche League has a button in there!!!!!

And last night I saw Wicked it is the best play ever!!!! I got a I <3 OZ tee.

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